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Albert Dupontel

9 Month Stretch


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Status: Completed

Director(s): Albert Dupontel

Ariane Felder is pregnant. Since she’s a young judge with strict morals and a hardened single woman, it’s more than a surprise. And even more surprising is that after paternity tests, the father of the unborn child is revealed as Bob Nolan, a criminal who’s being pursued for a monstrous crime.

Ariane, who can’t remember a thing, -even less having slept with him-, tries to understand what could possibly have happened and what lies ahead. She becomes desperate and when she tries to make an end to her life she is saved by Bob. They make a deal. She starts to doubt about his guilt. Little by little these two characters will find themselves intertwined in this legal affective ‘imbroglio’ where after the worst, they’ll find the best.


Director(s): Albert Dupontel
Screenplay: Albert Dupontel
Category Movie: Comedy

Production company: ADCB Films
Production Date: 2013
Date of First Release: 10/16/2013
French Distributor: Wild Bunch
Country of Origin: France
Language: French
Duration: 82minutes