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Stefano Sollima

A.C.A.B. (All Cops Are Bastards)


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Status: Completed

Director(s): Stefano Sollima

ACAB stands for «All Cops Are Bastards», a slogan first used in England in the 1970’s by skinheads and which quickly became a universal call to urban guerrillas, both in the stadiums and in the streets. Cobra (Piefrancesco Favino), Nero (Filippo Nigro) and Mazinga (Marco Giallini) are three “bastard riot cops” who, confronting violence on a daily basis, have learned to be targets. The violence in which they are immersed, mirrors a chaotic society ruled by hate. Their only aim is to restore social order and make people respect rules, even if through the use of force. In the most difficult moment of their own private lives, they meet the young recruit Adriano (Domenico Diele), who has just joined their unit and needs to be trained. Educating him on legality and order and even on violent law enforcement becomes a means to telling the stories of the controversial riot cops unit, as seen from the inside, set against the background of several of the most shocking episodes of urban violence in contemporary Italian society, from the death of a protestor at the G8 Summit in Genoa in 2001, to the death of a soccer fan, by a police officer’s gun, in 2007.


Pierfrancesco Favino, Filippo Nigro, Marco Giallini, Domenico Diele, Andrea Sartoretti


Director(s): Stefano Sollima
Screenplay: Daniele Cesarano, Barbara Petronio, Leonardo Valenti
Category Movie: Drama

Production company: Cattleya
Production Date: 2012
Date of First Release: 01/27/2012
French Distributor: Bellissima Films
Country of Origin: Italy
Language: Italian
Duration: 110minutes