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Alexandros Avranas


Apathy - Elle Driver

Screening room

Status: Post-Production

Director(s): Alexandros Avranas

Sergei and Natalia are political asylum-seekers who fled to Sweden with their two daughters, Katja and Alina, hoping for a new happy life. Those hopes are crushed when their application is rejected.

Their daughter Katja, traumatized by this episode, collapses and suddenly falls into a “coma”, a condition known as Resignation Syndrome or Apathy, explained as a self-protection against a feeling of fear.

They will try everything to create an atmosphere of safety, stability and hope which their daughter needs in order to wake up.

Over the last few years, more than 700 children have been diagnosed with the syndrome, in Sweden alone. Today, the cause and cure largely remain a mystery still.

Category Movie: Drama

Production company: Les Films du Worso, Elle Driver, Senator Film, Playground-Asterisk, Amrion Production, Fox in the Snow Films, Making Movies
Production Date: 2023
Date of First Release: 12/31/2024
French Distributor: Wild Bunch Distribution
Country of Origin: Greece, Sweden, France, Germany, Finland
Language: French