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Benoit Jacquot

Casanova, Last Love


Screening room

Status: Completed

Director(s): Benoit Jacquot

London, 18th century. Casanova, famous for his taste of pleasure and gambling, arrives from Paris, forced into exile. In this city he knows nothing about, the libertine meets on several occasions a young prostitute, Marianne de Charpillon. She attracts him to the point he starts disregarding all other women. The legendary seducer is ready to do anything to get her, but La Charpillon always escapes under various excuses. She challenges Casanova: "You will only have me if you stop desiring me!"


Vincent Lindon, Stacy Martin, Valeria Golino, Antonythasan Jesuthasan
Category Movie: Drama, Romance

Production company: Les Films du Lendemain, JPG Films, Les Films du Fleuve, Cohen Media Group
Production Date: 2019
Date of First Release: 03/20/2019
French Distributor: Diaphana Distribution
Country of Origin: France
Language: English, French
Duration: 98minutes