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Pascale Pouzadoux

Changing Sides


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Status: Completed

Director(s): Pascale Pouzadoux

To save their marriage, a couple decides to exchange their lives for a year. But can you sell jewelry door-to-door when you used to run a company renting equipment to the construction industry? Can you win the respect of your mostly male employees when they only see you as «the boss’s hot wife»? Can you resist temptation when you deal with pretty clients and a single, female business partner all day? How long can you bear not being the children’s go-to parent for hugs and kisses at night? And how do you stick to your guns in the face of disapproving looks from your perfect mother-in-law? To everybody’s surprise, the experiment works out. Just not in the way that they expected...


Director(s): Pascale Pouzadoux
Screenplay: Pascale Pouzadoux, Grégoire Vigneron
Category Movie: Comedy, Romance

Production company: Fidélité Films
Production Date: 2009
Date of First Release: 01/07/2009
French Distributor: Mars Films
Country of Origin: France
Language: French
Duration: 93minutes