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Merzak Allouache

The Rooftops


Screening room

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Status: Completed

Director(s): Merzak Allouache

Venice International Film Festival 2013 - Competition

From dawn till dusk, paced by the calls to prayer, a surprising crowd wanders about on the rooftops of Algiers. Closed spaces, that have become open air mirrors to the contradictions, the violence, the intolerance of the endless conflicts that mar the Algerian society.

The film takes place during one day, where we focus on the destinies of various characters, friends, families, all with their own singularity and their appropriation of these terrasses that dominate the city. Their stories start slowly and show different facets of Algiers today. They all have in commun a tragic event in their lifes and the calls to prayer echoe all along the escalation of their squalid living. Like a perspective on Algeria seen from above contrasting with the lowness the city shows us.


Director(s): Merzak Allouache
Screenplay: Merzak Allouache
Category Movie: Drama

Production company: JBA Production
Production Date: 2013
Date of First Release: 08/30/2013
Country of Origin: Algeria, France
Language: Arabic, French
Duration: 92minutes
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