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Tudor Giorgiu

Of Snails and Men


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Status: Completed

Director(s): Tudor Giorgiu

Romania, 1994. Small town of Muscel. The state-owned car factory has just gone bankrupt and will be privatised in a week. The buyer is a French company who announces to the workers that they will convert the plant into a snail cannery. George, the union leader, has a crazy idea: why not convince the workers to sell their sperm to a newly-opened Bucharest sperm bank and then buy the plant and save all their jobs. George receives help from Manuela, the director’s ambitious secretary, who lets him know about the secret agreement between the Romanian management and the French: after the transaction is concluded, all the workers will be fired and the factory’s assets will be sold. George’s colleagues follow him and decide to go for his crazy plan.


Producers: Oana Giurgiu
Director(s): Tudor Giorgiu
Screenplay: Ionut Teianu
Category Movie: Comedy, Drama

Production company: Agat Films & Cie, Libra Films
Production Date: 2012
Date of First Release: 09/14/2012
Country of Origin: Romania, France
Language: Romanian
Duration: 93minutes