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Arnaud Des Pallières

Party of Fools


Screening room

Status: Post-Production

Director(s): Arnaud Des Pallières

Paris, 1894. Every year, on the occasion of the Carnival, a big and popular Ball is held in the mental institution of La Pitié Salpétrière. Politicians, artists and social figures flock to the doors of this women-only institution, eager to attend the famous «Party of Fools». Inside, 150 «madwomen», selected among the 4,500 patients and dressed in extravagant costumes, wait with great apprehension. Among them, Fanni, 35 years old. Unlike the other women who are interned unjustly against their will, she is here voluntarily. Her only goal: to find her mother and escape together. “Party of Fools” is a story of female solidarity, based on historical events and characters. A touching portrait of women who dream of a destiny other than the one mapped out for them. These modern heroines, living in a forced community, will stand together against a society where patriarchy is still omnipotent. The film will make visible all women, their ordinary life and condition in a time not so long ago. A whole melting pot of emotions that can be shared with contemporary audiences.


Mélanie THIERRY, Marina FOIS, Carole BOUQUET, Yolande MOREAU, Josiane BALASKO


Director(s): Arnaud Des Pallières
Category Movie: Historical Drama, Thriller, Drama

Production company: Prélude
Production Date: 2023
Date of First Release: 12/31/2023
Country of Origin: France
Language: French