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Party Of Fools - Poster International
Arnaud Des Pallières

Party of Fools


Screening room

Status: Completed

Director(s): Arnaud Des Pallières

Deauville American Film Festival 2023 - Window on French Cinema

Paris, 1894.

Who is Fanni, who claims to be voluntarily locked up in a women-only mental institution? Searching for her mother among the multitude of so-called "madwomen", Fanni discovers a community of modern heroines who defy her expectations, along with the unexpected friendship of fellow patients. The sumptuous and renowned “Party of Fools” of the asylum is being prepared. Politicians, artists, and social figures will flock to it. It’s her last hope of escaping the closing trap...


Mélanie THIERRY, Marina FOIS, Carole BOUQUET, Yolande MOREAU, Josiane BALASKO


Director(s): Arnaud Des Pallières
Screenplay: Arnaud Des Pallières, Christelle BERTHEVAS
Category Movie: Historical Drama, Thriller, Drama

Production company: Prélude
Production Date: 2023
Date of First Release: 01/24/2024
French Distributor: Wild Bunch Distribution
Country of Origin: France
Language: French
Duration: 114minutes